AmberPOS Point of Sale Software

Secure transaction processing module for quick & efficient check out.
Powerful and fully functional inventory management platform.
Fully integrated payment processing through our trusted partners.
Effective internal CRM system with full customer directory & functionality.
Robust reporting and analytics with custom lookups, at your fingertips.
Partnered with BigCommerce for a mobile-ready online store presence.
Manage multiple store inventories & daily operations from one source.
Manage employee permission levels & hours. Track sales performance.
Expert technicians available to train and support you and your staff.

“It’s easy to use, has logical concepts, is user-friendly, and is very affordable compared to other systems. The vendor has been excellent with training and followup questions. We made the right decision going with AmberPOS.”
– Sylvia from McCord Coop

Fast Transaction Processing

Seamlessly integrated barcode scanning for faster transaction processing so your front desk clerks save time. Easily create purchase orders on the fly for your vendors while automatically updating all of your item stats (quantities, costs, etc.) as inventory is received.

Generate the following sales forms quickly and easily:

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Special Orders
  • Layaways
  • Work Orders

Complete Inventory Management

Manage your store’s inventory proficiently and accurately.
Quick inventory item lookup & robust reporting options, with a
powerful vendor management and purchase order generation tool.

A few key features include:

  • Import manufacturer UPC codes for faster store setup
  • Track serial numbers for increased security on high value items
  • Create custom item barcodes to scan items in a snap
  • Attach photos to your item SKU’s for quick lookup
  • Manage your inventory count with ease
  • Process customer Special Orders
  • … and more!

Smart Reporting & Analytics

Generate detailed reports and keep your business running with over 500 built-in options. Choose from hundreds of customizable sales, customer, vendor, specialized, inventory & inventory count reports.

Get a quick snapshot of your daily business statistics with our full reporting features:

  • Track your business growth with daily, weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Analyze your margins with gross profit reports
  • Review how well your products are doing with best/worst seller reports
  • Filter sales for easy viewing by class, clerk, vendor and customer
  • Assess inventory stats with powerful analysis reports
  • Review items by customer with the item-specific customer listing
  • Analyze purchase habits with full customer list and purchase activity
  • …and more!

Integrated Payments
& Gift Cards

Accept debit cards, credit cards and EMV, with full cash out procedures and reporting. Easy gift card processing with tracking, refills and redemptions. Process transactions quickly and securely with our seamlessly integrated solution.

AmberPOS is partnered with the industry’s leading providers of debit and credit card processing, to provide merchants with fully integrated, fast, and secure payment processing for their retail locations.


Try AmberPOS risk-free for 90-days.

Full e-Commerce Integration

AmberPOS has partnered with the world’s top shopping cart solution provider – BigCommerce – to provide a fully integrated Point of Sale and Online Shopping Cart solution.  Launching your online presence with our fully integrated AmberPOS and BigCommerce web connector couldn’t be easier.  Gain new customers, expand your online presence and grow your business!

AmberPOS allows you to synchronize customers, online orders and inventory details such as pricing and quantities on hand, and much more to make running an online store simple, easy and profitable.

Launching an eCommerce presence which seamlessly integrates with your Point of Sale platform can help you increase your exposure, reach more customers, increase sales, boost profits and grow your business.

AmberPOS integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce shopping cart, allowing a powerful eCommerce solution for your business with the following benefits:

  • Auto-sync inventory quantities and pricing
  • Download and sync online orders to AmberPOS
  • Maintain separate or combined inventory for your web-store
  • View web item info, variations and images in AmberPOS
  • Auto-update and sync SKU descriptions and details
  • Download and sync online customers to AmberPOS
  • and much more!!!

Customer Relationship Management

AmberPOS includes a fully functional built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module which allows you to establish, track and maximize the lifetime value of each and every customer that walks through your doors.

Build long-term, happy customers with features like:

  • Detailed tracking of all customer transactions, details and notes
  • Easy lookup of client details and past transactions at your fingertips
  • Create and track custom attributes like birthday, anniversary, waist size etc.
  • Track store credits and balances
  • Full Accounts Receivable tracking with statement processing
  • Track total COGS, revenue, profit, and returns per customer
  • Export customer list to work with email marketing platforms
  • …and more!

Multi-Store Operations

Manage inventory, transactions, employees and full store operations across your network of stores with ease. Real-time inventory and customer data synchronization, inter-store transfers and look-ups, and per-location performance tracking are just a few of the features AmberPOS offers.

Whether you’re currently a single-location retailer or a multi-location chain AmberPOS will help you manage, combine and track all your store data now and allow you to expand out to more locations in the future!

Choose AmberPOS as the Point of Sale software that grows with you and your store!


Employee Management

AmberPOS gives you everything you need to track and support your team of employees across one or multiple stores. Track sales performance, transactions, and daily activities in a breeze.  Setup employee time-clock tracking and assign software permission levels based on employee’s role on your team.

Additional features include:

  • Track employee punch-in and punch-out times
  • Track transactions, returns and profits by employee
  • Track sales rep and cashier separately for each transaction
  • Track employee spiffs and performance bonuses
  • Reward your top employees with sales performance tracking
  • …and more!

Full Training & Support

We are here to support you and your business! Our fully trained and qualified technicians will help you setup your system and train you on how to get the most out of AmberPOS based on the unique needs of your business.

We’ll help you get started with full support for:

  • Importing your existing items and inventory
  • Importing your customers and vendors
  • Setting up employees and permissions
  • eCommerce integration
  • Quickbooks or other accounting software integration
  • Merchant payment integration
  • …and more!

Business Types

Clothing & Apparel

Footwear & Luggage

Cameras & Electronics

Toys & Hobby Shops

Pet Shops

Sporting Goods

Gift Shops

Vape Shops

Wine & Liquor

Guns & Tactical Gear

Hardware Stores

Books & Music

... and much more!

Our Clients

“The AmberPOS team have done a phenomenal job of responding to the growing needs of our Small Business. I would highly recommend the AmberPOS Point of Sale system.”

“Easy to use, help desk always available, tons of options. Some security features. For one or two users, having to log in and out is a little cumbersome. Take your time and learn all the fuctions.”

“Ease of use and awesome people to help at a moment’s notice! A wee bit more ability to customize would be great. Take it for a test drive. It’s one of the only systems we’ve found that has real-time training with your own inventory, customers, and employees.”

“Amber is a first-rate Point Of Sale system. Met my needs with a customizable CRM for client management and options for customization.”

“Great value for the price. It is easy to use and intuitive. Support is great (front end sales, telephone IT support, online manual is pretty good).”

“The product is very versatile and can be customized to meet just about any store’s needs. The customer support is very prompt and helpful (and the monthly service fee is very reasonable).”

Ready to take the next step?