AmberPOS Customer Referral Program

The AmberPOS Customer Referral Program offers AmberPOS clients an opportunity to earn credits for referring clients to us.  This document outlines the terms and conditions of our customer referral program.  Terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

Terms and Conditions:

  • To refer a potential client to us, please contact your existing sales representative and provide them with the name and contact details of the potential client and they will contact them to arrange for a demonstration of our software.  Alternatively, please email your referral to sales – at –
  • For each successful new client sale of at least one full AmberPOS Software license, which results out of your referral, you will receive a CAD $300 credit with Pacific Amber Technologies Inc.
  • The maximum referral credit that can be earned from one customer is CAD $300 regardless how many licenses a customer purchases.
  • Referral credits can only be earned on new customers, not existing customers of Pacific Amber Technologies Inc.
  • Referral credits do not apply for referred customers who purchase our software through one of our monthly lease options.   Referred customers must purchase at least one full license to qualify.
  • Referral credits will be issued after 90 days of the purchase date of the referred client, provided the referred client does not refund their purchase.
  • The AmberPOS Customer Referral Program is for current, active AmberPOS customers only.
  • Referred potential customers will be contacted by our sales representatives who will provide a software demo, and a full quote to your referred customer.
  • As a referring party, you are not authorized to perform official demos of our software, but are welcome to share your experiences with our software and demonstrate software features to the referral if you wish as long as you make the referred potential customer aware that you are not acting as an official representative of Pacific Amber Technologies Inc.
  • As a referring party, you are not an authorized reseller, contractor, employee or agent of Pacific Amber Technologies Inc.
  • Pacific Amber Technologies Inc. will provide all installation, setup and support services of our software.  You are not authorized to act as a support agent or representative of our software in any way, but you are welcome to provide other services unrelated to AmberPOS software to the referred customers if you wish.  For example, if you are an IT firm, you are welcome to provide IT services and support to the referred customer, but are not authorized to provide installation or support of our AmberPOS software.