AmberPOS Pricing

We offer our AmberPOS Software packages with two different pricing options.

Full License Purchase Option

Our Full License Purchase Option allows you to purchase and own AmberPOS software licenses outright based on a one-time investment with no further licensing costs.

This option is perfect for businesses which prefer to purchase and own their software licenses outright, instead of paying an ongoing monthly subscription.  Typically this is the best option for businesses which have the capital to purchase the software licenses outright to minimize overall long-term costs.

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Monthly Subscription Option

Our Monthly Subscription Option allows you to purchase our AmberPOS software based on a low monthly investment without the need for the large up-front investment of owning the software.

This option is perfect for businesses which prefer to minimize the upfront costs associated with purchasing and owning the AmberPOS software, and instead prefer to pay monthly.  This option is similar to leasing a car for your business, instead of owning.  This option makes a lot of financial sense for a lot of businesses, and does not require any credit checks or anything of that sort.  Our monthly subscription option gives you access to our fully loaded AmberPOS package for as little as $149/month which includes regular updates and on-call support.

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