Client Testimonials

The AmberPOS system is a benchmark that other POS software systems should strive for. It’s well thought out, carefully coded, customizable, user friendly and affordable. The local service and support is invaluable and the customer service department has quickly resolved all of my requests. The system is tailor made for my small—but ever expanding business. I would highly recommend AmberPOS to anyone interested in purchasing a point of sale provider.”

– Stephanie Vogler
The Cross Decor & Design, Vancouver BC

“My partner and I own two knitting stores with extensive inventory. The inventory system that we were previously using was not user friendly, nor did it provide us with adequate reporting tools. We knew there had to be a better system, but as small business owners, cost was a significant factor. After extensive research into a variety of different options we decided that Pacific Amber Technologies provided a better product than others that cost twice the price.
We have now been working with Amber POS for over a year and cannot say enough about how happy we are with this transition. The support crew was extremely patient, efficient in training all our staff, and their continued support has been invaluable. I would 100% recommend Amber POS to any business, small or large.”

– Jan
Urban Yarns

Great Investment. Amber is the most user-friendly POS software I have come across. It is very easy to use, and the basics can be learned and navigated through almost without any experience. The vendor is also great. The support I have received has been great from the Amber technicians. They respond very quickly to any questions and concerns you have regarding how to use different functions or to correct mistakes. They are quick to take control and show you while guiding you over the phone through the steps of how to accomplish what it is that you would like to do.”

– Luke
Amped Nutrition Inc.

Affordable, versatile, easy to use, Microsoft-based, top-notch product.
It’s easy to use, has logical concepts, is user-friendly, and is very affordable compared to other systems. The vendor has been excellent with training and followup questions. We made the right decision going with AmberPOS.”

– Sylvia
McCord Coop

Great product and customer service. Amber POS is a well-designed system that is adaptable to a variety of retail situations. We use it in a non-profit setting for admissions to an attraction, retail sales, memberships, and maintaining a customer/membership database that helps us track of member visits and purchases. We are also in the process of linking it to our e-commerce site so that all inventory will be drawn from one database.”

– Darcy
International Crane Foundation

“I recently purchased a Boutique in Port Alberni, B.C. I had worked in the fashion industry for years and was very familiar with AmberPOS’s DOS-based program and converted windows version. I decided with great trepidation to move into the 21st century and go with the new AmberPOS updated program. As with any new program there is a learning curve involved…at my age computer literacy isn’t necessarily a given. The learning curve lasted about a month…meaning I was on the phone with the help desk probably once a day finding out something new about the program. The help desk was readily at hand and actually quite entertaining, always easy to deal with and extremely helpful. I now find myself, five months later, well versed with the navigation of the program. The POS is easy and flexible to use. The inventory is absolutely wonderful. I feel one of the strongest tools are the different reports you can generate. I use Simply Accounting for my books and at the end of each day it is easy to transport figures. My accountant is happy and therefore so am I.”

– Linda Bowers
Boutique Belles Amies, Port Alberni BC

“We are a small business that sells fishing and kayaking supplies both locally and online.

As our business has grown so have our data maintenance requirements. We were operating the store and online business on independent databases, which created double the work. I looked for a solution that would integrate the two platforms and create one selling database that would solve this redundancy problem.

Happily, I found Pacific Amber Technologies and their software program AmberPOS and purchased the system in June 2010. The conversion from my old system went smoothly and we were up and selling on the AmberPOS platform within a couple of weeks. AmberPOS then integrated my POS system with my online store and eliminated the necessity of managing two databases, thus cutting my workload in half. The AmberPOS system was easy for my staff to learn and the staff at Pacific Amber Technologies has been great. They have a support staff that is second to none and have completed many custom tasks for me in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking to change software platforms or starting from scratch. Great Product!

– Bill
Fin-atics Marine Supply

“I run a small business shoe store. The store has been in business for 33 years and coming into 2011 had never had any type of POS/inventory management. I came to looking for assistance in locating the perfect retail software for a business that had previously never had as much as a computer. After a couple of months, I was able to narrow my search to Pacific Amber Technologies and their AmberPOS software.

Despite being based out of Vancouver and having a 3-hour time difference to me on the east coast, Pacific Amber’s customer service was top notch. Since they are a smaller business themselves, they seemed to understand the constraints of time and money and really worked to make sure I was getting everything I needed without spending more than I had to. In the early stages of getting all of the hardware, if they didn’t have a product that I needed for a price that worked, they would direct me towards where online I could find it while maximizing my dollars.

They assisted me every step of the way, from installation of software, to setup of any hardware, to getting my inventory tracking up and running. When it came time to set up my online store, AmberPOS was once again a huge help. The integration with my physical inventory and my online inventory was synced without much hang-up.

As a business that hadn’t used any type of inventory tracking previously, or anything digital at all, AmberPOS was relativity simple to teach to my sales staff and owner, all of who had very little computer experience. Most caught on very easily, and I definitely think that AmberPOS’s layout and graphics not only make it a nice system to look at everyday, but much more inviting to someone who wouldn’t be as comfortable with a system that functioned the same but looked like a spreadsheet.

Over the past six months that we have had AmberPOS up and running fully in our store, any time we needed assistance we never had much issue getting in touch with their support team. Usually we could get the issue resolved within 24 hours, and they always checked back in to make sure everything was running smoothly.

I cannot recommend Pacific Amber and their AmberPOS software more for a company of any size. The only reason I gave Functionality a 4-star rating is there are still a few minor issues, but whenever those are brought to their attention they are pretty quick to listen and update the software. I’ll be sure to use AmberPOS for years to come!”

– Justin
Shoe Center

“I am very happy with the software and service from AmberPOS. I have specialized needs for my POS and they have been especially responsive with regards to customization. Their response time is quite good and the AmberPOS staff have been thoroughly professional in all my dealings with them. I heartily recommend this company and software to anyone in the retail sector.

– Kevin McKinnon
Marquis Wine Cellars, Vancouver BC

“It’s been a year since we have upgraded to the AmberPOS windows program and it’s been great.

Training new employees to use the POS is made easier now with windows version. As well any upgrades that our store has required, AmberPOS staff have always found us a solution.”

– Malcolm Bott
Universal Footwear, Revelstoke BC

“The AmberPOS team have done a phenomenal job of responding to the growing needs of our Small Business.

I would highly recommend the AmberPOS Point of Sale system.

– Nadia Bridgen
Baby’s World, Coquitlam BC

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