Symbol LS2208 Laser Barcode Scanner

Symbol LS2208

Symbol LS2208 Laser Barcode Scanner

The Symbol LS2208 bar code scanner is a fast, reliable and durable POS scanner we recommend for our point of sale customers. The scanner has a wide-scanning range which allows you to scan barcodes from right up close to 17 inches away. It’s light-weight and ergonomically designed to make it comfortable in repeat-use retail environments.

Symbol LS2208 Integration with Point of Sale Software

The Symbol LS2208 fully integrates with our AmberPOS software allowing you to scan all of your bar codes for inventory tracking, and customer checkouts. No external software is required, the scanner fully integrates with our AmberPOS software straight out of the box.

Symbol LS2208 Pictures

Symbol LS2208 Features Video

Symbol LS2208 Video

Symbol LS2208 Hands-Free Intellistand Option Video

Symbol LS2208 Ergonomic Design Video

How to Program Symbol LS2208 Interface Options

Programming the Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner is really easy.  This video shows how to program the three most common interface options for USB, RS-232 or IBM-46XX interfaces.

Symbol LS2208 Scanner Specifications

The Symbol LS2208 comes in two colors – “Twilight Black” or “Cash Register White”. The scanner is very durable, meeting strict 5-ft drop tests and was designed for continuous use typically found in a retail environment. The scanner supports a variety of interfaces including Synapse, Keyboard wedge, IBM, RS-232, USB and Wand.

Symbol LS2208 Scanner Features and Benefits

Here’s a list of features for this scanner:

  • Durable, Single-Board Construction
  • Scratch-Resistant Tempered Glass Exit Window
  • Accurate First-Time Capture of 1D Bar Codes
  • Wide Working Range (Near Contact to 17″)
  • Multiple On-Board Interfaces
  • Plug-andPlay, with Universal Cable
  • Intuitive Ergonomic, Lightweight Design
  • Hands-Free Intellistand
  • Advanced Data Formatting (ADF)

Symbol LS2208 Product Codes

The Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner comes in several different packages, depending on the type of interface you want (USB, RS-232 etc.), with or without the Intellistand, and based on color (black or white).  Here are some videos that show some of the most popular options:



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