Customer Relationship Management

Powerful CRM Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Robust Customer Relationship Management

AmberPOS’ built-in CRM functionality allows you to have full control over your customer management, all within our software solution. Keep your data organized and create profiles for your customers for easy lookup. Manage and capture relevant customer information to propel your business forward with personalized touches in every transaction.


Track all customer transaction data for historical analysis and predict future buying trends.  Analyze demographics across all of your stores, identify your top customers, and track all of their transactions in one place.


Create email and traditional mail out lists to target and re-target your customers with your marketing efforts.  Gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by tracking the source of your customers and their spending habits.


Provide better and more convenient service to your customers, knowing who they are and what they’ve purchased from you.  Recall previous transactions and get a snapshot of the customer’s account instantly.


Analyze your store’s relationship with your customers, the effectiveness of your marketing, and the level of service your staff are providing.

Track, Improve & Retain

Track: Simple and easy customer input functionality allows you to track relevant customer data quickly and easily.

Improve: Improve your customer satisfaction rates by personalizing their experience at your stores.  Amber POS helps you do just that.

Retain: Continue the customer experience even after they leave your store by continue to connect with your clients via email or marketing campaigns on social media.  Keep your customers informed of all of your upcoming promotions and keep them coming back!

Customer Data At Your Fingertips

With AmberPOS, keeping up with your customers is easy. AmberPOS’ CRM module gives you the ability to keep detailed records of all of your customer transactions for quick lookup. Your cashiers will be able to deliver a personalized approach with clerk-visible customer notes to increase customer service levels.

Track Important Customer Metrics & Data

Your customers want to hear from you. Better yet, they want to know you remembered specific details about them, or events that are important, such as Birthdays or their shoe size!  Track customer interactions with AmberPOS and remember information that delivers a personalized approach to every customer you attain. Store credit tracking is also a cinch – even if it’s at another store.

Track Custom Attributes such as customer ring size, shoe size, zodiac sign, and more! AmberPOS custom fields can be setup to capture important details about your customer so that you can keep a detailed record of their retail experience.

Reward your top customers with the ability to track points by customer for dollars spent at your store with the Frequent Shoppers Loyalty Points Program.

CRM Module Highlights

  • Detailed records of all customer purchases
  • Number of transactions per customer
  • Form Letters and mailing labels
  • Accept payments on account from any location
  • Store credit tracking
  • Customer photo and identification
  • Total COGS, Revenue, Profit, and Returns per customer
  • Tax exemptions
  • Custom time periods for total calculations
  • On the fly custom A/R report
  • Custom interest rates per customer
  • CRM functionality (track events, Birthdays, calls, emails, etc.
  • Full customer detail tracking
  • Customer last name, telephone, and barcode lookup
  • Current A/R tracking & monthly statements
  • Frequent Shopper Loyalty Points Program
  • Points earned tracking
  • Parent / Child customer capability
  • Active / Inactive customer flag
  • Clerk visible customer notes
  • Email subscriber checkbox
  • Mail subscriber checkbox
  • Google Map integration

My partner and I own two knitting stores with extensive inventory. The inventory system that we were previously using was not user friendly, nor did it provide us with adequate reporting tools. We knew there had to be a better system, but as small business owners, cost was a significant factor. After extensive research into a variety of different options we decided that Pacific Amber Technologies provided a better product than others that cost twice the price. We have now been working with Amber POS for over a year and cannot say enough about how happy we are with this transition. The support crew was extremely patient, efficient in training all our staff, and their continued support has been invaluable. I would 100% recommend Amber POS to any business, small or large.

– Jan from Urban Yarns

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