Employee Management

Manage Your Employees and Their Performance Effortlessly

Manage Your Store Effortlessly

Track employee activity for one or multiple stores, while also having the ability to update and change employee permissions as you see fit. Having trouble tracking employee hours? No problem. AmberPOS gives you access to employee schedules as well as punch-in and punch-out capabilities for each of your team members.

Track and Reward Employee Performance

Is one “bad apple” employee ruining your customer experience or tarnishing your brand?  AmberPOS allows you to track all employee activities so you can prevent things like unusual and unauthorized returns or deep discounts, customer undercharging and overcharging, coupon fraud and many other issues that can arise from having one “bad apple” employee working at your store.

Better yet, use our employee activity tracking to reward employees who are performing better than expected and who set an example for your entire team.  Keep your store running smoothly and efficiently with AmberPOS.

Manage Your Growing Team Efficiently

AmberPOS helps you properly manage your employees. From hourly time tracking, employee permission updates, to measuring performance indicators, you can trust AmberPOS to manage your entire team of staff.

Track & Reward Your Top Employees

Track commission sales for your Reps and ensure your top people get compensated correctly. Separate tracking for Sales Rep vs. Cashier on every transaction gives you the ability to check how your store is doing – every single day.

“Excellent product – good price – good support. The program has the features we need to handle clothing and footwear. You can manipulate the data fields; installation was easy with no problems. I am still learning the program, and the training is very good. The training person knows the program top to bottom, and the company in general seems top notch and trustworthy. One last thing, when their rep says they will call at a certain time, they call on time.

– Tom from Soccer and Sports

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