Multi-Store Operations

Manage Multiple Store Inventory and Daily Operations in Real-Time

Manage Your Multiple Stores With Confidence

Real-time inventory and customer data sync across your fleet of stores makes managing store operations a smooth process. Quickly lookup inventory between stores for efficient customer care.  Returns can be processed and tracked at any location regardless whether they were purchased there or not to improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Sync For Gift Cards & Store Credits

Have a customer that wants to redeem a Gift Card they purchased at one of your other locations? No problem. With AmberPOS, store credits and gift card redemptions/updates can be processed at any location for convenient customer care, and automatically update for extra fraud protection between stores.

Track Multi-Store Performance Statistics

Track multi-store performance statistics and metrics so that you always know how each store is doing, which inventory sells best at which store, who your top performing employees are at each location, and what types of customers each location attracts.

Make better decisions on a per-location basis as well as across your entire fleet of stores.  What works in one physical location may not work at another location, and AmberPOS will help you to track and analyze your multi-store data to arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.


Totally Awesome Goods is a new retail brand with the ultimate goal of having a few stores and a robust website. It was important for me, right from the start, to use a POS system that can be integrated with my website and can handle more than one location. I was just about set to go with another POS system, when someone recommended AmberPOS. I spoke to a rep at AmberPOS who was very helpful, patient and supportive throughout the process. The POS system is very easy to use, and mostly very intuitive. Since there is a lot of functionality, I am still learning all that it can do. I was up and running very quickly. The implementation was very easy, without any issues. The technician was very helpful and knowledgeable.

– Jacob from Totally Awesome Goods

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