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Over 500 Comprehensive Reports To Track Your Business Analytics

Choose From Hundreds of Customizable Sales, Customer, Vendor, Specialized,
Inventory and Inventory Count Reports

  • Best Sellers by SKU, product number, or disclaimer
  • Detailed sold item listing
  • Gross Profit by date, SKU, product number, vendor, and more
  • Payment detail
  • Paid in/out listing by date, reason, or transaction type
  • Special Order
  • Payment summary
  • Sales analysis by department, season, brand, vendor, SKU, and more
  • Sales per period
  • Hourly sales report
  • Sales summary
  • Clerk productivity report
  • Transaction details & listing
  • Worst sellers by SKU, product number, or by disclaimer
  • Restock by SKU, product number, transaction date, vendor and more
  • Sales quantity dimension matrix by customer, vendor, SKU, and more
  • Sales and layaways by department, clerk, company, customer, and more
  • Monthly sales by trailing – twelve month
  • Monthly sales by yearly net sales
  • Monthly sales by inventory turnover
  • Monthly sales by dashboard
  • SKU benchmarking by department, vendor, brand, and more
  • Weekly sales dashboard
  • Weekly net sales

Get a Quick Snapshot of Your Daily Business Statistics

  • Track your business growth with daily, weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Analyze your margins with gross profit reports
  • Review how well your products are doing with best/worst seller reports
  • Filter sales for easy viewing by class, clerk, vendor and customer
  • Assess inventory stats with powerful analysis reports
  • Review items by customer with the item-specific customer listing
  • Analyze purchase habits with full customer list and purchase activity
  • …and more!

Expand Your Reports With Custom Queries

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports
  • Gross profit reports
  • Best / Worst Seller Reports
  • Sales by class, clerk, vendor and customer
  • Sell through by class, style, or vendor
  • Inventory analysis report
  • Inventory detail, catalogue, and by class
  • Below Model report
  • Open-to-buy reports
  • Purchase order summary and by class
  • Item-specific customer listing
  • Full customer list and purchase activity
  • Return on investment reporting
  • and more!

“We have been very happy with AmberPOS. The reporting feature is awesome! We can provide all the relevant information our bookkeeper needs quickly and easily. Our training technician was extremely helpful and gave us a very useful orientation. We also really like the integration with a second back room computer, freeing up the POS for sales while inputting new inventory.

– Genevieve from Ez-Party

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