POS Shopping Cart Integration

POS Shopping Cart Integration

AmberPOS seamlessly integrates with several of the best eCommerce shopping cart solutions on the market.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce is the world’s #1 rated e-commerce platform according to Top10Reviews, the Internet’s most popular software review site.  AmberPOS seamlessly integrates with the Big Commerce hosted platform to allow you to perform functions such as:

  • Export inventory items from AmberPOS to be imported into Big Commerce
  • Download online customer data and synchronize with AmberPOS
  • Download new transactions and synchronize with AmberPOS
  • Update and synchronize quantity levels online

Click here for more information on Big Commerce.

Interspire Shopping Cart

Interspire shopping cart is one of the most powerful and popular shopping cart solutions in the world, powering over 10,000 successful online stores.

It is a self-hosted solution which gives you the flexibility and customization available by hosting the solution yourself.  If you’d prefer a hosted solution with a low monthly hosting fee instead, try the BigCommerce solution below. BigCommerce is powered by the same Interspire shopping cart, it is just hosted by BigCommerce instead of hosting it yourself and utilizes a monthly subscription model for licensing, instead of a one-time license model.

AmberPOS integrates with both the Interspire and BigCommerce shopping cart solutions, but the Interspire solution does offer you more customization.

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